Outpatient Psychiatry & Therapeutic Services

HBHS provides outpatient therapeutic services to children and youth in Hinds County ages 4-18 with emotional and behavioral problems. A variety of services are available, provided by nurses, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers.

During your first intake visit to HBHS you will be asked to provide:

  • An Insurance Card
  • Parent’s Picture ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Any Current Medications

During your first doctor’s appointment at HBHS you will be asked to provide:

  • Any medical or recent hospital discharge paperwork as needed

Millennium Health Lab will provide an on-site screening during every HBHS appointment to help with medication management.

Therapeutic Services

Children and youth who have emotional or behavioral issues can receive HBHS therapeutic services in their home, school, community, at our main office, or within a juvenile detention center. Our therapy and programs provide children with the tools to understand their emotions and control their behaviors. We work closely with families/guardians; medical staff, school staff, and other agencies to implement the best treatment plan and ensure that the child’s needs are met. Our case managers will help link your child to needed services and advocate on their behalf.

Some of the behavioral and mental health issues we treat include:

  • Behavioral problems and hyperactivity
  • Mood disturbances, anger, anxiety, and depression
  • Trauma
  • Family problems
  • Life transitions
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Severe mental illness

School-Based Services

HBHS case managers and therapists visit local public and private schools to provide counseling and therapy when behavioral issues occur during school hours and to help provide consistent convenient therapeutic services to children and their family.

After-School Day Treatment

We offer an after-school day treatment program for children age 7-12 that are experiencing severe emotional and behavioral problems. The program provides continued structure for children by building self-esteem and social skills, teaching anger management and behavior modification techniques, as well as providing tools to strengthen problem-solving and creative expression. The program takes place in a classroom setting at our main office. Children participate in group discussions, educational activities, art and crafts, and field trips.

Hinds Behavioral Health Services provides transportation from school to our center and from our center to your child’s home. Children are picked up at their school at 2 PM and transported home at 5 PM. During the summer we offer a similar program from 9 AM to 2 PM. Snacks are provided during our after-school day treatment and breakfast and lunch are provided during our summer program.

Mobile Crisis Response

Mobile Crisis is available 24/7, nights, holidays, and weekends.

Call 601-955-6381

Get In Touch

Call us to schedule an appointment for your child.

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