About Us

Since 1971 Hinds Behavioral Health Services (HBHS) has specialized in community mental health services for adults, children and youth, families, elderly, and those with chemical dependencies and substance use. Our mission is to provide quality, effective mental health services to the citizens of Hinds County.

We are one of the 14 regional community mental health centers in Mississippi. The Hinds County Mental Health Commission, a public entity made up of members appointed by the Hinds County Board of Supervisors and two “at-large” commissioners govern HBHS. Each Commission member represents one of the five Hinds County Supervisory districts.

Hinds County Mental Health Commission:

Porter Ross Sr.

Dr. Margaret Wodetski

Dr. Roy DeBerry, Chair/President

Dr. Buddy Wagner, Vice-President

Dr. Jesse Killingsworth, Secretary/Treasurer

At-Large Commissioner
Sonja Gilbert

At-Large Commissioner
Brenda Frelix

HBHS Executive Director
Kathy Crockett, PhD, PhD, MPH

HBHS Deputy Director
Tiffany T. Anderson, PhD

We offer exceptional patient-centered treatment.

Our medical staff is experienced and recovery oriented.

Meet our passionate and caring medical team:

Doctors of Psychiatry

Dr. William Welch
Dr. Jeffrey Ali
Dr. Robert Lundy
Dr. Joseph Kwentus
Dr. Marshall Belaga


Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

Tiffany Smith
John Farr
Tempestt Butler
Belinda Edwards
Suzanne Culliver


Registered Nurses

April McKee
Eugene Clay
Rainey Daniels
Mary Leo
Angela Hudson
Jessica Quinn
Teleah Waters
Tony Lewis
Mary Williams
Chelsea Aldridge
Kemyatta Qualls
Lashay Sims
Dena Benson
Ashleigh Slater
Kimberly Hayes