Congregational Recovery Outreach Program

Hinds Behavioral Health Services’ Congregational Recovery Outreach Program (CROP) provides mental health and substance use disorder education, resources, and outreach to African American faith-based organizations. The program focuses on building a supportive environment and connecting African Americans living with mental illness and/or substance use disorders to quality healthcare.


  • African American faith-based organizations located in Hinds County, MS

We offer

  • Mental Health First Aid training for clergy and faith-based staff
  • Partnerships and collaboration with other faith-based organizations
  • Access to mental healthcare and substance use services
  • Mental health evaluations and medication management
  • 24/7 Mobile Crisis Response for mental health emergencies
  • Crisis Stabilization for children and adults
  • Support groups, case management, and supported employment
  • Referrals to detox programs and other services
  • Community resources, health education, and substance use prevention materials


  • Increase awareness of mental illness and substance use in the African American community
  • Build recovery pathways within faith-based organizations and provide access to treatment
  • Create mental health advocates within African American faith-based organizations
  • Improve community relationships and destigmatize the language around mental health and substance use


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