Ruth Wilson Children & Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit

1717 Raymond Rd
Jackson, MS 39204

Phone: 769-243-6191


Hinds Behavioral Health Services’ Ruth Wilson Children and Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) provides youth a community-based safe, structured, child-friendly, and supportive space to address mental health needs. Our multidisciplinary nursing and clinical team provides care 24/7 to stabilize the emotional, mental, and behavioral crisis of children and youth. Crisis stabilization treatment requires a short-term stay however some individuals may need a longer period of time to reach stabilization.


  • Youth ages 10-17 who are experiencing a period of acute psychiatric distress which severely
    impairs their ability to cope with normal life circumstances
  • Individuals must be ambulatory and must not be in need of detoxification service or have a medical condition which should be treated at a hospital

We offer:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, risk assessment, and medical screening
  • Collaborative treatment and person-centered planning
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Intensive case management services
  • Crisis stabilization and prevention
  • Discharge planning including linkage with community supports and services
  • Coping skills building and safety planning
  • Therapeutic leisure activities and outpatient follow-up
  • Parent and guardian support and education

Admission process:

Children must receive an assessment from a Hinds Behavioral Health Services team member prior to admission. Youth can be referred and ordered to treatment by the court systems but an assessment and approval are required prior to admission.

Children & Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit

Address: 1717 Raymond Rd, Jackson, MS 39204 Phone: 769-243-6191 Hours: 24/7

24/7 Children & Youth Crisis Stabilization

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