Crisis Intervention Training

We offer Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for law enforcement personnel and first responders. Become a mental health hero and learn how to identify mental health issues as well as effective communication skills and responses. Training sessions can take place at our main office or at your location.

Why Use CIT?

  • Reduce arrests and incarceration rates of mentally ill individuals
  • Decrease the need for lethal force
  • Reduce injuries to those with mental illness
  • Reduce officer injuries
  • Reduce civil litigation
  • Improve community relations
  • Decrease involuntary commitments
  • Reduce emergency room recidivism

Learning Objectives

  • Increase your understanding of mental illness
  • Become acquainted with basic types of mental illness
  • Learn to recognize clinical states (not diagnose)
  • Identify factors related to lack of care
  • Learn specific strategies to deal with individuals experiencing mental health issues/crisis
  • Learn effective communication skills and improve initial responses to contact with mentally ill persons
  • Recognize legal requirements regarding emergency detention and commitment
  • Identify resources in the community for emotionally disturbed people
  • Identify proper procedures to conduct investigation regarding a reportedly mentally ill person
  • Identify major indicators of a person’s mental state
  • Learn more information about the CIT program

Sign Up for Training

We offer training at our main office or we can come to you