Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education

Is your youth group, club, or school seeking an educational program on drug and alcohol prevention? Hinds Behavioral Health Services’ 2 Smart to Start Prevention program uses evidence-based programming to educate youth and young adults about the dangers of substance use and provides them with the skills needed to cope with common developmental challenges. The program uses the LifeSkills curriculum to promote students’ social and emotional health while providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to deal with difficult situations, either academically or socially. The 2 Smart to Start Prevention program offers free prevention education as well as community events during the school year and summer months.


  • Youth (5-17) & young adults (18-25)
  • Schools, churches, and other youth groups

Prevention Goals

  • Decrease risky behaviors (drug/alcohol use, violence, and delinquency)
  • Improve school climate and students’ holistic well-being
  • Increase understanding of drug and alcohol myths and realities
  • Provide effective social skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Strengthen anger management and anxiety coping skills


  • More positive student social behaviors and attitudes in the classroom
  • Ability to manage stress and depression
  • Improved self-esteem and fewer conduct problems
  • Fewer arrests and higher academic achievement

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